41. Exquisite.

  • Accepting that you’re eventually going to give up the battle with your multiplying grey hairs which seem to have sprouted overnight. One day, I’m going to tire of the dying ritual and cost, and will simply let that go. Ironically, I do recall saying “I’ll never stop dying my hair”—haha, and that wasn’t all that long ago, either!
  • Suddenly realizing I no longer feel a strong draw to going out for a late night with friends—instead, I love to stay home with a good book, tea, and my feet on my husband’s lap.
  • Simultaneously realizing that you love your cherished time with your girlfriends. But that time looks a lot different than it used to. Picture a cabin in the woods, hot tub heart-to-hearts, long walks, the Golden Girls marathons, games, good food, and jokes about how much everyone snores at night.
  • I stopped chasing the corporate career, high salary, and fancy title for personal validation after having tasted it for a little while and learned that I didn’t like it at all; I would prefer to build others up rather than make someone else rich. Even if it meant cutting my salary in half, literally.
  • I remember the day I realized that I no longer cared about keeping up with the newest trends in fashion, and instead, found that I felt sexiest in my converse and rolled up jeans, and naturally curly hair. I gave up nearly everything to live a largely minimal life and I’ve never felt more fulfilled or rich.
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Jamie Park

Jamie Park

I love story-telling. I love experiencing the differences so I can grow. My faith is doing what’s right instead of what’s expected. 💜