Here’s What I Know After Being Divorced. Twice.

  • You can be happy and excited and sexually attracted to someone who isn’t right for you.
  • The way you were raised—especially if it’s got anything to do with religion—can be a powerful influence in your decision making. And it might not be what you really want.
  • Women do what they don’t want very frequently.
  • Not everyone you love is going to be a permanent love.
  • It’s okay to never get married. That’s an option.
  • If you have that nagging feeling in your stomach when they tell you they want forever, listen to it, it never lies.
  • Just because someone has “that something extra”, it doesn’t mean they’re your person.
  • Your friends, family, and ex will get over it—they will heal.

I recognize now that just because someone is special, it doesn’t mean they’re your person.

I tend to gravitate toward “special” people. Those who think outside the box. Those who see life in a little different way. Those who think for themselves and are comfortable with the fact that we continually change and grow and evolve in life. Those people are my tribe. And I recognized the theme in my life with love that I would be drawn to those people, but it wasn’t always easy for me to end relationships even when I felt the draw of it not being permanent, because those kinds of people are so hard to find. And I’ve noticed that when a special man feels a strong connection because of that same trait in me, it’s almost intoxicating to be in this dance of complete reverie; to ignore all the warning signs that it’s not permanent. The details around why my second husband and I broke up aren’t as important as the fact that I can see that I knew from the beginning that we weren’t “right”.



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Jamie Park

Jamie Park

I love story-telling. I love experiencing the differences so I can grow. My faith is doing what’s right instead of what’s expected. 💜